City Limits Publishing welcomes author Rebecca Rose Moody and illustrator Lauren Reese; releases "The House the Storm Built," based on a true story of the March 2020 Nashville tornados

NASHVILLE, TN, February 17, 2021— City Limits Publishing is excited to announce the release of The House the Storm Built, a children’s picture book written by author Rebecca Rose Moody and illustrated by Lauren Reese. Rebecca and Lauren are represented by Alice Fugate of the Joy Harris Literary Agency, Inc.

The House the Storm Builtdescribes the effects of the deadly tornado outbreak that occurred in Nashville, Tennessee on the evening of March 2nd and the morning of March 3, 2020. The deadly and destructive F3 tornado caused extensive damage within its 100-mile path. The supercell included more than ten tornadoes that touched down across Tennessee. It was one of the strongest and deadliest storms the country has seen in years.

The House the Storm Built is dedicated to those affected by the tornados. Lauren Reese, herself, was a victim of the tornado outbreak.

I would love to be able to donate money to Hands On Nashville to help support their efforts in helping those affected by the tornado. As a tornado victim myself, I hope this book brings encouragement and comfort.

Lauren Reese, Illustrator

Based on a true story, The House the Storm Built follows the journey of a young family whose house was destroyed in a tornado. The children miss the way life was before, and they wonder if they will learn to feel at home again. But a home is much more than a house: it is wherever you are safe with your family. Together with their parents, they wait for a new house that will be made of wood and stone and memory.

Rebecca also felt the impact the tornados had on her community and she appreciates the help she and Lauren received from their friends and neighbors.

Helping Lauren the day after the tornado, I was floored by how many volunteers there were everywhere you looked, although it was also unsurprising because Nashville has a reputation for being a city in which neighbors take care of each other.

Rebecca Rose Moody, Author

Rebecca and Lauren look forward to giving back to their community by sharing this story, and City Limits Publishing has committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of The House the Storm Built to Hands On Nashville. To learn more about Hands On Nashville and its mission to meet community needs through volunteerism, visit

The House the Storm Built is available for pre-order at City Limits Publishing for $24.95.

To learn more about City Limits Publishing or to order a copy of the book, visit

Cover illustrations by Lauren Reese


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Hands On Nashville (HON)’s mission is to meet community needs through volunteer service. Its programs connect volunteers to opportunities supporting more than 200 nonprofits, schools, and other civic organizations; help these partners reimagine volunteer potential; and bring awareness to the challenges facing the people and places in our community. Hands On Nashville is also a part of Nashville’s Emergency Response Plan and coordinates volunteer efforts for the city when disaster strikes.