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Haikriddles: Arithmeticklers

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​Whether you’re a mathematical aficionado, or “I’ve NEVER been a math person,” you’ll find something to bring out the brainiac in you in Haikriddles: Arithmeticklers. This new book brought to you by Janet McMahan is one of the new riddle books for kids ages 10+ of the Haikriddles series, which adults can enjoy playing too!

Written in haiku form, these 101 mind benders, will tickle your brain and have your synapses happy dancing to the rhythm of 5 7 5, delighting in the art and beauty of numbers. 

If your heart’s ever soared at the discovery of a before unseen pattern – If you have ever taken in the magnificence of a sunflower and pondered Fibonacci’s code, you understand not only the science of numbers, but the art as well.

Let’s dig in the world of Haikriddles! These new riddle books for kids are perfect to tickle imagination and problem solving. Are you up for the challenge?


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