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Haikriddles: Got Rhyme?

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First things first:

haikriddle (hī •krid´•l) n. amalgamation of quirky conundrums, cryptogrammic quandaries, riddles, puns, puzzlers and arithmeticklers with a touch of trivia delivered to you in 5-7-5.

“Haikriddles: Got Rhyme?” is a collection of 101 of the aforementioned discombobulating dilemmas to be deciphered, decoded and/or deduced.

This particular volume, “Haikriddles: Got Rhyme?” brings something unique to the world of haikriddles. Each answer has two parts – a pair of rhyming words. Reminiscent of the iconic, “Hinky Pinky,” these enigmatic head-scratchers will have you calling on not only your “inner Sherlock,” but your “inner Keats,” as well. If you’re looking for best riddles for kids ages 10+, this is for you!

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