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Haikriddles: Kitchen Sink Edition

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This brainchild of Janet McMahan is one of the best riddles of 2020! Written in haiku form, these 101 mind benders, will tickle your brain and have your synapses happy dancing to the syllabic rhythm of 5-7-5.

This particular volume, Haikriddles: Kitchen Sink Edition, has something for everyone. Whether you are math aficionado, a lover of literary characters, a connoisseur of all things outer space, or if you just happen to be passionate about puns and puzzles, there are haikriddles with your name on them.

May Haikriddles: Kitchen Sink Edition bring out the brainiac in you as you “cerebrate” these 101 enigmas!

Learn more of Haikriddles Series by Janet McMahan through an exclusive interview with the author. Happy Haikriddling!


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