In Idled Stacks: A Collection of Poetry, Haiku, and Affirmations

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5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)

5.0 rating
August 17, 2020

I felt a vicarious pleasure in Martin’s easy-to-fathom pieces as they perfectly captured and articulated an image of shared experience and viewpoint on discrimination, self-doubt, and failure; even more so, on beauty, self-love, and redemption. It shows the readers a hard-hitting veracity of life: the duality of black and white makes life worth living.

5.0 rating
August 2, 2020

It is such a great time to read a collection that deals with some of the realistic issues that our global society is facing right now – relationships, racism, and of course, the pandemic which greatly affects everything and everyone. As I read the collection, I could feel the sincere and honest emotions of the author that are reflected on the details of his work. Each poem is talking to us. Wherever we are in this world and whatever profession we have, we can definitely find a piece that would 1. break our hearts, 2. teach us lessons, 3. express our sentiments, 4. voice out the puzzle in our minds, and 5. trigger our deepest concerns.
Reading the collection was like a roller coaster ride that gave me excitement in every detail and in every story. After the ride, I want to buy another ticket to take me to the next collection.

5.0 rating
July 30, 2020

In Idled Stacks— A Collection of Poetry, Affirmations and Haiku written by Robert Martin
Robert Martin expressed his wonders and thoughts through writing which I think became therapeutic for him. His poems and haikus were full of emotions that really made me felt his sincerity and honesty in writing his pieces. The concoction of his ideas is what made the book really interesting.
I appreciate that he chose to revolve around the realities of life and I commend him for he was able to depict them thru words.
Thank you, Mr. Robert Martin for deciding to share a glimpse of your life through this book!

5.0 rating
July 29, 2020

Yay! I Just finished the “IN IDLED STACKS” the writer did a great job, I didn’t expect that I saved a lot of his poetry, affirmation and haiku. To appreciate his book, I made two pages for my journal and wrote most of my favorites. “Real Talk” is my most favorite in all of he wrote. 😊”

5.0 rating
July 27, 2020

Robert Martin’s imaginations and real life observations were particularly described in this collection. His metaphors were simple, yet the depiction of his experiences and emotions made the poems so raw. I love that I somehow became a witness of his journey: from his childhood, love life, insecurities, unemployment, and up until his courageous moments in fighting what’s morally right and chasing his dreams.
My personal favorites were The Bus, Cell, Palace of Pillows, Goodbyes, Current State of Affairs, Cafeteria, You, and his series of poems regarding COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter.
More power, Robert!!!