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4.5 rating
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5.0 rating
July 28, 2020

It left an impression of daily struggle of someone with mental instability. That it’s not easy, that it’s a constant battle whether to live or not to. Mental health care is a need that not everyone can afford. The story of Adam shed light and became a face for everyone who has mental illness, his friends are really OUR friends – those who give a little push whenever we do is pull. I was in awe on how Robert Martin gave readers a roller coaster ride with THAT “aha” moment! Kudos for pulling off that one!

5.0 rating
July 28, 2020

Loved this book. I really appreciated the honesty from Adam and the author by shedding light on mental health struggles from financial to personal. All of this really hit home. Although mental health is a serious issue I also enjoyed the humor that was tastefully brought into the story. Looking forward to more books from Robert Martin!

4.0 rating
July 28, 2020

The main point that stayed with me after reading this is that, “mental health treatment is a privilege that many people can’t afford” is a painful truth.
But asides from the various medicines and expensive treatment that need to be paid, it’s the courage of a person to fight and the support system s/he has that could make her/him truly feel better.
Being an empathetic friend is kind of difficult to embrace sometimes, especially when you’re also facing difficult times. But in my opinion, it is easier to be the one who understands than the one who tries to be understood. So, let’s always try to help our struggling friends to feel a little less lonely.
Although, I hope that when we become the ones who are about to lose the will to fight, may we be more courageous to open up to the people who genuinely love us. Yes? ☺️ You don’t need to be the stronger one all the time.
And… hey, you are not meant to do life alone! 🤗
Thanks for sharing this story, Robert ❤️

4.0 rating
July 27, 2020

“I felt like I was a victim of bad circumstances, and poor decisions.”
A well written literary piece and an eye-opener. I love how the author made the story relatable especially to those people who are struggling with their mental health. I really appreciate the author’s passion in writing this work which tackles a timely issue regarding mental health crisis as well as awareness.
Can’t wait to read more of Robert Martin’s works!!!

Trish Aquino