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The Quantum State


In The Quantum State by Abram Smith, the age of COVID-19 has finally passed, but the United States is in a Cold War with China due to suspicions about the...

Love Is Not Tourism: Stories of Love and Loss In the Global Pandemic


In 2020, the world was forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. People were forced to stay home and wait while the deadly virus raged on around the globe. An often...

What We Hope For


In What We Hope For by Kirsten Usé, Brila Landry lost a part of herself the night her sister died. As a way of honoring her, Brila sets out to find...

Sitting on Top of the World


Fourteen-year-old June Baker never in a million years thought she’d be dressing like a boy, sneaking into a hobo camp, and jumping onto a moving freight train to travel across...

A Scent of Lilac


In the year 1973, conversion therapy scars her mind and her father’s hands bruise her body, but for Mabel Flanigan, these painful horrors are nothing compared to losing the girl...



In Haints by Meghan Palmer, Grandpa June tipped the balance of things when he sealed the Whitt family's ancient enemy--haints--under the earth. His granddaughter's shine calls them out again, and...

A Well-Worn Path


In A Well-Worn Path by DC Rivera, seventeen-year-old Tristan’s future was mapped out: marry Trinity, the girl he’s loved since they were four years old, then head off to college—but...

Furry in the Home


Ever just watch your fuzzy friend go about their day? Furry in the Home by J.E. Kraft is a playful rhyming story that captures the seriously silly life of the family...

Murder at Gull Cove


In Murder at Gull Cove by Scott A. Ferguson, Sr., Jack Lewis was in prison, but not for long; today was the day he got out on parole. It wasn’t...

Mick's Last Line


In Mick's Last Line by Nick Amatuzio, Mick's wife, Emma, leaves him for Aldo, a male stripper and car insurance salesman, Mick vows to forget about her and see other...

King Alex


In King Alex by J.E. Kraft, Alex is brave and smart and fast. His little brother Daniel’s okay, too. One day, Alex decides it’s time to be king. A castle...

The Kindness of a Stranger


Kitty Madison was sixteen when she had a fight with her father and ran away in the middle of the night. Soon, she found herself wandering around the city with...
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