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The Quantum State


In The Quantum State by Abram Smith, the age of COVID-19 has finally passed, but the United States is in a Cold War with China due to suspicions about the...

Beneath the Surface


In Beneath the Surface by Anthony Young, the year is 2363. The remnants of humanity are living on “Quest,” a large space station that has housed the last members of the human...

The Survivors


In The Survivors by J.E. Kraft, everyone knows vampires aren’t real, and the vampires need it to stay that way. Adrian has managed their Human Resources department for over a century,...

Like Kats and Dawgs


In Like Kats and Dawgs by J.E. Kraft, Kit the Kat’s life has been far from perfect, but he’s finally got a cozy place with his rescue family when a strange smell...

Abandon All Hope


In Abandon All Hope by Peter Fenton, three nineteen-year-olds (Melissa, a scrappy feminist from the working class in south Philly, Evan, a naive evangelical who was the king of his youth group,...

What We Hope For


In What We Hope For by Kirsten Usé, Brila Landry lost a part of herself the night her sister died. As a way of honoring her, Brila sets out to find...

The Things Friendship Brings


“Tweet tweet,” says a bird to young Thomas the Toad as he is out for an afternoon hop. In The Things Friendship Brings by Jamie Hitt, Thomas is drawn to the beautiful...

Sitting on Top of the World


Fourteen-year-old June Baker never in a million years thought she’d be dressing like a boy, sneaking into a hobo camp, and jumping onto a moving freight train to travel across...

Angels, Love, and Lost Souls


In Angels, Love, and Lost Souls by Daniele Longo, lives, aspirations, and broken dreams cross paths in Greater Minneapolis where an adoption disruption brings the relationship between John and Laura Berg...

Another Place, Another Time: A Collection of Short Stories


Leave the present behind and journey with us to another place, another time. This collection of short stories featuring fantasy and fairytales represents over a dozen authors and stories. Meet...

First Circle


In First Circle by Jim Fenton, a retired, pugnacious professor battles aggressive cancer as six random individuals receive cryptic communications all sent by a common guardian angel. As the professor...

An Idiot's Guide to Getting By


An Idiot's Guide to Getting By by Ana Neimus follows a couple of down-on-their-luck twenty-somethings who are less than content at the cards life has dealt them. After dramatically leaving his...
Showing 1 - 12 of 26 result
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