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The Better College Essay


In The Better College Essay, Dr. Elizabeth A. Stone and Meredith Joelle Charlson combine their college admissions counseling and writing expertise to guide others through the college admissions essay process from...

How I Survived 2020


From COVID to Kobe, murder hornets to Christmas Day bombings, Brexits to elections, if there's one thing the world can agree on, it's that 2020 was a total $h!tshow. Still,...

Love Is Not Tourism: Stories of Love and Loss In the Global Pandemic


In 2020, the world was forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. People were forced to stay home and wait while the deadly virus raged on around the globe. An often...

Poems of Political Protest: An Anthology


22 Authors. 37 Poems. 1 Mission: Challenge the World. When City Limits Publishing set out to bring Poems of Political Protest to readers, we had no idea the response we would receive....

In Idled Stacks: A Collection of Poetry, Affirmations, and Haiku


Six years of writings sat unfinished until COVID-19 gave Robert Martin the time needed to finish the job. In Idled Stacks: A Collection of Poetry provides a glimpse into the...

I Know Where I've Been: A Year-Long Journey of Self-Discovery


Bored with his humdrum life, Robert Martin takes to the road for a year of traveling throughout North and South America. I Know Where I've Been tells the story of...

The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout: 50 Exciting and Exceptional Exercises in Story Foundation


Ah, my dear Watson! You’ve arrived just in time to help us create compelling stories, design dynamic settings, and craft creative characters! With dThe Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout’s 50...

The Wise and Witty Wordsmith's Workout: A Haiku A Day Keeps the Writer's Block Away


Challenges await! That's right! It's time to expand your mind to include the distant word of 5-7-5! Writing a haiku can seem intimidating, but once you get in the rhythm...

The Wise and Witty Wordsmith's Workout: 99 Dynamic Deep Dives into Short Story Writing


The Wise and Witty Wordsmith's Workout: 99 Dynamic Deep Dives into Short Story Writing by Robert Martin and Janet McMahan Ahoy, Matey! It’s time to take yer dynamic deep dive into...

The Wise and Witty Wordsmith's Workout: 101 Practically Perfect Poetry Prompts


It’s time to flex those poetry muscles! We’re creating brains of steel! Get your write it out! These 101 practically perfect poetry prompts will inspire you to create beautiful lines...

Of All the Lands I've Seen


Of All the lands I've Seen marries two forms of art: photography and haiku. Using Robert K. Martin's photography from a three-year journey across the globe, Janet McMahan crafts stunning...

Haikriddles: Kitchen Sink Edition


Written in haiku form, these 101 mind benders, will tickle your brain and have your synapses happy dancing to the syllabic rhythm of 5-7-5. Haikriddles: Kitchen Sink Edition by Janet...
Showing 1 - 12 of 15 result
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