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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our publishing process, marketing, copyrights, and royalties to directly hear from us!

We do not charge any fees for publishing, editing, design, marketing, advertising, or promotion. We have contests that do charge small entry fees, but those are not guarantees of publishing, nor does entering a contest guarantee publishing with City Limits Publishing, LLC.
The only instance we would publish a piece without paying royalties is in the circumstance of short story and poetry contests and the anthologies produced with submissions. And even then, we require your permission to include it, so the choice is yours. Novels and theatrical pieces are exempt from this and always require a publishing agreement with a royalty payment contract in place. We would never publish without approval from any author.
This is hard to say, but our publishing agreements to guarantee that we will publish your work within 12 months of signing the agreement. The editing and proofing process can take some time as we don’t want to rush through and put out just anything. We want everything we produce to be of high quality. Authors can reasonably expect, though, the entire process will be around 6 months depending on how much editing needs to be completed. We do like to have a nice ramp up period for marketing to ensure we’re taking advantage of every marketing opportunity available.
We do. We pay for all marketing and advertising for your book. However, we do not prevent you from marketing and advertising your book. You’re more than welcome to advertise on social media, and we’re happy to design advertisements for you at any time at no cost.
Each author is assigned an editor and a proofreader. The editor makes comments and suggestions on the story, form, pacing, flow, and structure of the piece. They’ll work with you to make sure everything is absolutely perfect before sending it off to the proofreader to find any spelling, punctuation, or grammar mistakes. Lastly, the entire piece is put through a copyright process to ensure no part of it is subject to copyright infringement. Only when we have a completely finalized draft do we move forward with design and layout.
Eek! We certainly hope this never happens, but it’s written into our contract that if City Limits Publishing were to ever close, publishing rights immediately terminate back to the author.
Absolutely not. You, the author, own your copyrights and maintain them. We only hold the publishing rights.
We do require you to have a work in progress before submitting your piece, and we expect it to be reasonably close to finished before submitting. However, if you’re just stuck on that last little piece of the puzzle, we’re happy to review your work and offer feedback and advice prior to entering into a publishing agreement. Again, this is at no cost to you.
We market with both traditional and online methods. We advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and other relevant online platforms. Additionally, we put together a PR strategy to get your piece in the media and reviewed. We also focus on getting you appearances on podcasts, social media channels, and virtual events and readings. There’s a lot more information above about our marketing efforts. And, if you have any questions, reach out!
If your monthly sales dips below $100, we wait to send your royalties until it’s reached $100. We do have a caveat to this in our contract that states we will never hold your royalties for more than six months regardless of the dollar amount below $100.
We have a block of ISBNs purchased from Bowker Identifier Services. All authors are assigned five ISBNs for their work for paperback, hardback, eReader, and other formats.
We do! We distribute to both online retailers and brick and mortar retailers like Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Walmart, and more.
We do, but we require there to be something for review. We do not accept an idea for a story. Ideally, we’d like to see works in progress that at least get through the climax of the story and just need some help tying up loose ends.
We do! This goes through the same submission process as outlined above, with the exception of entering a contest. As always, all of our projects will have publishing contracts prior to publishing.
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Do you have further questions not included in our FAQs?

Feel free to contact us at publish@citylimitspublishing.com if you’d like to discuss anything.