How to Publish with City Limits Publishing

You Have A Voice, We Have the Megaphone

A company is only as strong as its mission, and ours is to help authors find their voice, develop their writing and storytelling abilities, and publish their work. We’re ready to live our missions, but that can seem quite daunting to new authors (let’s be honest, it can be quite daunting to experienced authors, too). With that in mind, we’ve broken down our publishing process for you to help you understand how we help our authors develop their project and produce their best work!

Before we get started with the steps to publishing, we should point out there’s absolutely no required cost to the author! When you’re selected for publishing, we take on the costs associated with developing your project and bringing it to life. 

Step One: Submit Your Work or Concept

At City Limits Publishing, we’re all about the creative process. Whether you’ve got a completed piece or just a concept, we’re here to help you through the entire process. The first step is to submit either your completed work or a concept of what you’d like to publish. 

Step Two: Development

If you’re submitting a concept, we’ll enroll you in one of our programs with a published author to help you through getting your work completed. With weekly check-ins and opportunities to have your work read by other authors, you’ll feel the creative vibe and put out your best work. 

If you’re submitting a completed work, we’ll walk you through the editing and proofing process. Our editors and proofreaders will provide extensive feedback on your work, plus you’ll have the opportunity to have your project read by other published authors before moving on to the next phase!

Step Three: Design

When your work is completed, you’ll work with our dedicated team of designers to produce your finished product. We’ll design your cover and complete typesetting of your book interiors. We’ll help you create a total book brand to use on social media and your author website. 

Step Four: Marketing and Launch

Our marketing team will meet with you to put together your marketing strategy, identify your target audience, and develop your publicity plans. We’ll handle everything in your launch, including helping you put together a lunch party and book signing!

Step Five: Publish and Collect!

This is the part our authors love! We’ll publish your work on all major print and digital platforms, distribute to bookstores and libraries, record your audiobook, and continue to market your book for years to come. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and collect your paychecks! Royalty checks are sent to authors monthly as long as the sales threshold, usually around $100, is met. 

Step Six: Write Your Next Book!

We know you’ve enjoyed the process, so we’ll get started on your second project right away! Lather, rinse, repeat! 

City Limits Publishing is ready and excited to help you through this process and amplify your voice. Are you ready to get started? Submit manuscript to City Limits Publishing now!

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