Alina Montalvo

Alina Montalvo

Alina Montalvo. She was born in Cancún, in 2001. When she was fourteen, she found a short horror story she had written for an assignment in sixth grade and decided she wanted to make a book out of it. That same year, after a lot of drafting and many(MANY) changes, the whole horror story concept was lost and with it, this book was born. When she’s not writing, Alina can be seen cuddling her dog (the love of her life, Nina) and her cat or in the backyard saying hi to her many pets.


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The crimson tears of a broken Melody

Melody Hathaway just turned fourteen, she’s so young and barely entering the teenage world, to endure the hormonal, physical and psychological changes that come with growing up. She’s just starting that part of her life that’s called finding and defining your identity, and that’s why she needs the guidance from those adults around her, to be directed in the right path just like all of us need at one point in our lives. However, that so needed guidance is denied by her mother and soon to be step father when she’s sent to a boarding school in another country, resulting in her feeling lonely and helpless, even depressed despite her caring new friends and boyfriend from her new school and home. Not knowing what to do, she takes the wrong decisions and develops unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as self harm. On the other hand, Mr. Bowen, her school counselor, finds himself oddly attracted to the girl. He notices that she’s struggling with much worse things than she lets everyone around her know. For so long, he tries to convince himself that he only wanted to protect her, to fix her, until he realizes that there’s much more to it than just that. He’s obsessed. So much that he decides to stop fighting his demons and accept them just the way they are, accept what they make him: a man hopelessly in love and obsessed with a child.

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