Andrei Saygo

Andrei Saygo

Andrei is an avid reader, dreamer, and father. After his daughter was born, he found some time in the wee hours of the night to start writing and couldn’t stop since. Besides his passion for urban fantasy and sci-fi, in his other life, Andrei is working in the cybersecurity field.


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Duncan Drake – A peculiar vacation

It’s 2024 and a new group, The Alt, has infiltrated all levels of government and social institutions, determined to return the US to its slavery-era roots and become a white-dominated nation. Corey Masters is falsely arrested and beaten by police on the street, spurring an uncontrollable rage that threatens to destroy him. When he is introduced to the Black Cell, a group of thousands fighting against brutality and suppression of Black people, he finds his purpose, but not before coming to terms with his own racialized family history and how it threatens to destroy his future.

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