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Janet McMahan is a world-renowned author, musician, songwriter, playwright, and poet with over 1,500 songs published and in print, with over 75 children’s musical and dramatic publishings. McMahan is a recognized member of the Dramatists Guild, the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, and has been the recipient of the ASCAP Award for twenty-one years in a row. Previous titles include Scheherazade and her 1,001 Night Stands, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Bethlehem, Dances with Words: Musings in 5-7-5, among others. Janet resides in Nashville, TN.


Dances with Words: Musings in 5-7-5

Dances with Words, a collection of over 500 haiku speaks to the pathos, pain, and passion of this journey we call life. Random thoughts, rants, raves, reminiscences, prayers of praise, et al – framed in poetic bite-size bits – 17 syllables at a time.

Built around song titles and lyrics, the writer weaves themes that touch the deepest part of us. Love, God’s love, forgiveness, tears, sadness, healing and loss – et al.

My prayer is that my passion and pathos – my loves and losses can speak to you, wherever you are – whatever your story.

Haikriddles: Arithmeticklers

Whether you’re a mathematical aficionado, or “I’ve NEVER been a math person,” you’ll find something to bring out the brainiac in you in Haikriddles: Arithmeticklers.

Written in haiku form, these 101 mind benders, will tickle your brain and have your synapses happy dancing to the rhythm of 5 7 5, delighting in the art and beauty of numbers.

If your heart’s ever soared at the discovery of a before unseen pattern – If you have ever taken in the magnificence of a sunflower and pondered Fibonacci’s code, you understand not only the science of numbers, but the art as well.

Haikriddles: Got Rhyme?

First things first:

haikriddle (hī •krid´•l) n. amalgamation of quirky conundrums, cryptogrammic quandaries, riddles, puns, puzzlers and arithmeticklers with a touch of trivia delivered to you in 5 7 5

“Haikriddles: Got Rhyme?” is a collection of 101 of the aforementioned discombobulating dilemmas to be deciphered, decoded and/or deduced.

“Haikriddles: Got Rhyme?” brings something unique to the world of haikriddles. Each answer has two parts – a pair of rhyming words. Reminiscent of the iconic, “Hinky Pinky,” these enigmatic head-scratchers will have you calling on not only your “inner Sherlock,” but your “inner Keats,” as well.

Haikriddles: Kitchen Sink Edition

Written in haiku form, these 101 mind benders, will tickle your brain and have your synapses happy dancing to the syllabic rhythm of 5 7 5.

This particular volume, Haikriddles: Kitchen Sink Edition, has something for everyone. Whether you are math aficionado, a lover of literary characters, a connoisseur of all things outer space, or if you just happen to be passionate about puns and puzzles, there are haikriddles with your name on them.

May Haikriddles: Kitchen Sink Edition bring out the brainiac in you as you “cerebrate” these 101 enigmas!

Of All the Lands I’ve Seen

Of All the lands I’ve Seen marries two forms of art: Photography and Haiku. Using Robert K. Martin’s photography from a three year journey across the globe, Janet McMahan crafts stunning three line verses in 17 total syllables. Featuring photography from over two dozen countries including Brazil, Canada, the United States, Austria, Morocco, Ireland, the Philippines, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Montenegro, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, and more.

The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout: 50 Exciting and Exceptional Exercises in Story Foundation

Ah, my dear Watson! You’ve arrived just in time to help us create compelling stories, design dynamic settings, and craft creative characters! With The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout’s 50 Exciting and Exceptional Exercises in Story Foundation, we’re going back to the basics in storytelling! You’ll learn how to build characters that excite your readers, vividly describe settings, and creatively assemble storylines using 50 details writing prompts.

Your journey is just beginning, my dear Watson! And we can’t wait to see how it ends!

The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout: 99 Dynamic Deep Dives into Short Story Writing

Ahoy, Matey!

It’s time to take yer Dynamic Deep Dive into the world of short stories! Jump in the deep end with these 99 short story writing prompts! From creating alternative histories, to determining what happens next, to journaling about your own stories, our prompts will inspire waves of creativity and bring out the short story writer in you!

The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout: A Haiku A Day Keeps the Writer’s Block Away

Challenges await!

That’s right! It’s time to expand your mind to include the distant word of 5-7-5! Writing a haiku can seem intimidating, but once you get in the rhythm it’s easy and fun! With The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout: A Haiku A Day Keeps the Writer’s Block Away, you’ll go on a 365 day journey through the art of writing haiku. Prompts range from the emotional to the spiritual, from nature to math, and everywhere in between!

Are YOU ready to journey to the world of 5-7-5?

The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout: 101 Practically Perfect Poetry Prompts

It’s time to flex those poetry muscles! We’re creating brains of steel! Get your write it out! These 101 practically perfect poetry prompts will inspire you to create beautiful lines and verses filled with alliteration, personification, and any other kind of “ation” you want to throw in for fun!

These poetry prompts are not your ordinary Emily Dickens prompts. We’re not focused on finding your one true love a world away. We’re writing about the world around you right now!

With The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout, you’ll finish stronger and write better than ever before!

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