Mary Perrine

Author - City Limits Publishing

Since the moment I picked up a chubby Crayola Crayon, I have been writing stories. However, for thirty-six years, while I honed my writing skills (I am a slow learner, obviously), I taught middle school (because we fall in the same place on the quirkiness scale) and worked as a Personalized Learning Coach training teachers.

I was an award-winning teacher throughout Minnesota. Some of my awards include: 2011 Minnesota Teacher of the Year—Top 10 Finalist, 2010 Eastern Carver County Teacher of the Year, 2006 Fox 9 Top Teacher, and the June Gills Teacher Inspiration Award. I present (and, of course, entertain) educators at conferences all over the United States. I also freelance for educational companies.

I hold a Masters Degree in Education, and, while I loved teaching, I jumped ship two years ago, retiring to a small Minneapolis suburb. I now have time to spend with my husband, Mitch, a retired school principal, my son and daughter, who still come home to see what my pots and pans have to offer, and two grand pets.

We spend a great deal of time at our cabin in Northern Minnesota, where, while floating in the lake, I run ideas for books by my husband. We enjoy boating and ATVing and entertaining our massive families. There is never a lack of food.

My husband has a gold personality (planner) and I have an orange personality (fun). We love to travel. He loves to plan and I don’t ask where we are going until we get on the plane. Currently, we are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to see where we will spend the winter.

In between all the family fun and laughter, I love to spend time spinning tails, stories that will entertain and delight. So, stay tuned. There is more to come.



Mary Claire has always hidden. During the week, she feels like every other child—but on Fridays, she slowly becomes invisible. Hiding is how she remains safe.

At ten-years-old, Mary Claire begs God to take her father away, but someone else has plans for him.

Years later, Claire Stanton struggles with the secrets of her past. After her daughter becomes sullen and angry, she fears history may be repeating itself, and she takes matters into her own hands, vowing to make the abuser pay.

Life is complicated. Secrets are destructive. But the truth is explosive.

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