Peter Fenton

Peter Fenton (he/him) is a Philadelphia area comedian, playwright, and screenwriter specializing in writing works to make you both laugh and drive you to be a better person in a variety of genres spanning family-friendly fairy tale adventures to mature-humored dark comedic commentaries on religion. An alum of Wheaton College in Illinois and the postgraduate theatre apprenticeship program at Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, Fenton has seen other bylines with Heuer Publishing, OurBible App, Dadley Productions, and Q Christian Fellowship. In addition to writing, Fenton has worked a number of interesting jobs, including summer camp counselor, traveling band videographer, international boarding school advisor, and a stunt double in an action movie. Fenton is the youngest child of Jim and Beth Fenton of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and brother to sports information director Matthew Fenton and chemist Dr. Julie Fenton Hodges. He enjoys a nice, long walk alone or with a friend and likes a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. You can connect with Peter Fenton on his website at and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @peterfent!