Peter Fenton

Peter Fenton’s work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Dadley Productions, City Limits Publishing, Heuer Publishing, OurBible App, and Q Christian Fellowship among others. Peter is an adventurous multi-genre author and screenwriter drawn to creating clever and self-aware works. He wrote and produced the profitable world premiere of his holiday satire SEE AMID THE WINTER SNOW (2019), as well as his dark spiritual comedy, ABANDON ALL HOPE (2020), a co-production with BraveMaker Media. Both plays are now published with City Limits Publishing. Peter served as the President and Director of Jukebox Theatre at Wheaton College and is an alumnus of the postgraduate apprenticeship program at Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia. As an up-and-coming screenwriter and playwright, Peter is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America. He is currently the Publishing Accounts Executive at City Limits Publishing. You can connect with Peter on his website at or on Instagram and Twitter @peterfent!


Abandon All Hope

Three nineteen-year-olds (Melissa, a scrappy feminist from the working class in south Philly, Evan, a naive evangelical who was the king of his youth group, and Sean, a cocky logistician from a family of Hollywood royalty) who believe they know everything about life and what may or may not come afterward arrive in Hell, which appears as an infernal dorm room, posed with a diabolical game by a fun-loving demon: the three are challenged to find the demon’s talisman hidden in the room in exchange for instant admission to Heaven. Only the finder will be saved — the other two will be sentenced to eternity trapped with a demon at the height of her power. Tension boils between Evan, Sean, and Melissa. The demon shows each competitor a revealing memory of their final day on Earth. Each character faces tough ethical decisions and comes face-to-face with who they really were in their short lives. A dark comedy for mature audiences inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit, Peter Fenton’s Abandon All Hope explores a nuanced relationship with existentialism, organized religion, and humanity.

See Amid the Winter Snow

The North Pole is a bustling little city deeply tied to its resident power couple: mega-philanthropist Santa and Mrs. Claus, better known as long-serving mayor Maureen Gaines Claus. A spunky Snowman narrates the love story of Mitchell Claus, head of Public Relations at Santa’s Workshop, and Daisy Scarlett, a village schoolteacher with world-changing dreams. Yuletide pandemonium ensues when Mitchell is named the campaign manager for his mother’s critical re-election campaign at the same time a blackmail scandal breaks in Santa’s Workshop. Mitchell and Daisy’s little world starts to fall apart in a hilarious blizzard of current events as their fight to keep love alive takes the shape of a familiar tale. This instant holiday classic is filled to the brim with clever Christmassy turns of phrase, present-day satire of holiday lore and politics, and the timeless heart of the season. Hitting the spot like a boozy batch of eggnog, Peter Fenton’s See Amid the Winter Snow is sure to be a festive crowd pleaser for the most wonderful time of the year!

In the News


Author’s Corner: Interview With Peter Fenton of “See Amid the Winter Snow”

Peter Fenton is a writer and producer based in the greater Philadelphia area, and this year, he took us on a tour of his comedic talent through the North Pole. See Amid the Winter Snow has become an instant holiday classic  that is overflowing with witty and sharp Christmassy phrasing, present-day satire of holiday lore, politics, and the magic of the holiday season. Fenton sat down with us to discuss his inspiration for his characters and what is next for them! Where did you find the inspiration for your book? Every Christmas Eve when I was a kid, my siblings...