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Robert Martin is a Nashville, TN born and raised author, playwright. Previous titles include In Idled Stacks: A Collection of Poetry, Lithium and Xanax and All of My Friends, Aunt Sally’s Wild Ride, and Down in Nashville There’s A Riot. Martin’s first book I Know Where I’ve Been: A Year Long Journey of Self-Discovery was an Amazon bestseller and has been distributed worldwide. Martin studied English at Lipscomb University and Visual Communications at O’More College of Design. He currently splits his time between his hometown of Nashville, TN and living with his partner in Vienna, Austria.


Theo’s Big Day

Theodore Van Gogh is about to get the surprise of his life! When a new person comes into the shopkeeper’s store, Theo has many, many questions. Who is this person? And why do I know who he is? Theo’s sister, Charlotte, isn’t shy at all and runs up to play with the stranger, but Theo’s a little bit shy and takes his time.

Then, suddenly, Theodore recognizes him!
It’s his human!

Theo’s Big Day is an early reader book about a puppy and his human finding each other in the strangest of circumstances. With beautiful illustrations by Jelleine Joie, Robert Martin’s story of adopting his dog, Theodore, comes to life.

In Idled Stacks

Six years of writings sat unfinished until COVID-19 gave Robert Martin the time needed to finish the job. In Idled Stacks: A Collection of Poetry provides a glimpse into the life and mind of the author. Featuring poetry about the Coronavirus pandemic, racial civil unrest, relationships, life’s storms, and more, In Idled Stacks is an emotional and fascinating look into the life of the every man.

Lithium and Xanax and All of My Friends

Robert Martin invites us to journey down a poignant path into the troubled psyche of an “elder millennial.” Adam, the protagonist, is a struggling novelist, temporarily employed as a “food delivery specialist” aka part-time busboy at PF Chang’s.

We first meet Adam as he bursts through the door of his minimally appointed apartment. We never have to leave the room to discover Adam’s painful past and present. Through the sometimes casual, sometimes caustic conversations with his “friends,” Lee, Annie, Will and Remy, we are provided a front row seat to the sturm and drang that have defined the almost three decades of his life. The dialogue runs the gamut from cozy heart to heart exchanges to screaming Kafkaesque rants.

His responses, partly truth, partly fiction, reveal the state of his tortured soul. The brilliant personification reveal shines a light into the darkest most hidden parts of Adam’s soul.

It is a “long day’s journey into night.” The ending, you’ll have to wait and see. We all will have to. In the meantime, grab tissues and be ready for a few deep breathing exercises. The empath in all of us will weep.

The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout: 50 Exciting and Exceptional Exercises in Story Foundation

Ah, my dear Watson! You’ve arrived just in time to help us create compelling stories, design dynamic settings, and craft creative characters! With The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout’s 50 Exciting and Exceptional Exercises in Story Foundation, we’re going back to the basics in storytelling! You’ll learn how to build characters that excite your readers, vividly describe settings, and creatively assemble storylines using 50 details writing prompts.

Your journey is just beginning, my dear Watson! And we can’t wait to see how it ends!

The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout: 99 Dynamic Deep Dives into Short Story Writing

Ahoy, Matey!

It’s time to take yer Dynamic Deep Dive into the world of short stories! Jump in the deep end with these 99 short story writing prompts! From creating alternative histories, to determining what happens next, to journaling about your own stories, our prompts will inspire waves of creativity and bring out the short story writer in you!

The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout: A Haiku A Day Keeps the Writer’s Block Away

Challenges await!

That’s right! It’s time to expand your mind to include the distant word of 5-7-5! Writing a haiku can seem intimidating, but once you get in the rhythm it’s easy and fun! With The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout: A Haiku A Day Keeps the Writer’s Block Away, you’ll go on a 365 day journey through the art of writing haiku. Prompts range from the emotional to the spiritual, from nature to math, and everywhere in between!

Are YOU ready to journey to the world of 5-7-5?

The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout: 101 Practically Perfect Poetry Prompts

It’s time to flex those poetry muscles! We’re creating brains of steel! Get your write it out! These 101 practically perfect poetry prompts will inspire you to create beautiful lines and verses filled with alliteration, personification, and any other kind of “ation” you want to throw in for fun!

These poetry prompts are not your ordinary Emily Dickens prompts. We’re not focused on finding your one true love a world away. We’re writing about the world around you right now!

With The Wise and Witty Wordsmith’s Workout, you’ll finish stronger and write better than ever before!

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An Interview with the Author: Robert K. Martin of In Idled Stacks

Taken from the Foreword of In Idled Stacks: A Collection of Poetry, Haiku, and Affirmations, “Robert’s words wound around my heart taking me on a journey through the poetic, the prosaic, the mysterious, the mundane…the list goes on. In every tiny crevice of life, Robert finds wonder, lessons to be learned, puzzles to be pondered, joy, laughter and love.” Those words, written by Martin’s best friend Janet McMahan, ring true to the spirit of the collection of poems presented, and we’re fortunate to have gotten the chance to speak with Robert about his work, passions, and what’s coming down the...