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How to Publish with City Limits Publishing

You Have A Voice, We Have the Megaphone A company is only as strong as its mission, and ours is to help authors find their voice, develop their writing and storytelling abilities, and publish their work. We’re ready to live our missions, but that can seem quite daunting to new authors (let’s be honest, it...


An Interview with the Author: Robert K. Martin of In Idled Stacks

Taken from the Foreword of In Idled Stacks: A Collection of Poetry, Haiku, and Affirmations, “Robert’s words wound around my heart taking me on a journey through the poetic, the prosaic, the mysterious, the mundane…the list goes on. In every tiny crevice of life, Robert finds wonder, lessons to be learned, puzzles to be pondered,...


City Limits Publishing – Bringing Out the Author in You

How a new company was born during the Coronavirus pandemic At 33 years old, I found myself forced to start over, again. This time, I was hungrier than ever to find that thing you always read about in self-help books (surely, I’m not the only one still reading self-help books) or see in sappy movies....